Friday, 19 August 2011

out of hibernation

This blog will now function as a container for my writing of fragments - be it small stones, 3ournals or other kinds of rubble, gravel or loose particles.

What about aros and small stones?

Well, in general my haiku has taken directions away from mere observation and more or less communication of the obvious and trivial - in the end: the uninteresting.

... and Fiona dropped the #aros tag ...

Photographs does that way better and with more freedom for the viewer/reader.

My haiku activities will be at my bilingual haiku blog: "2 tongues / 2 tunger" and "monostich" the collaborative 1-line haiku blog.

Otherwise you may find me in various publications where experimental haiku is presented.


New book.

This summer I had a haiku collection - or rather series - published: "Penguins / Pingviner" with 122 haiku about ... penguins, as you might have guessed. It's available on Cyberwit.