Thursday, 27 October 2011

Note from an exile - Presence (haibun)

Note from an exile - Presence

October and a few gulls seem like they're cut out of the low hanging clouds. What feast for the eye to see a few crows and ravens making their way to where ever they go. Even if it's only from one tree to another. In October they often remind me of an imagined medieval scenery. Cloaked knights on big horses riding to or back from a gruesome deed. De Sammensvorne rider fra Finderup Lade efter mordet på Erik Klipping i 1286 / The Conspirators rides away from the barn at Finderup after the murder of Erik Klipping in 1286. A sad excuse for daylight comes through the windows as if it couldn't care less. On days like these I check my pulse, my birth date against the date on various electronic calendars and the news and usually conclude I'm alive. I step out a bit to feel the weather and assure myself it's there. No more no less.

lukewarm coffee
there is no horoscope
for the Black Dog

Note from an exile - aqua frizzante. Haibun

Cold. I put on two pair of socks rather than turn on the heat. Too expensive. The electric heaters eat a lot power and the firewood hasn't arrived yet. I pick up on the distant sirens of an ambulance. Well, I guess it's an ambulance as I can't see the road from here … or any road for that matter. Assume it's for the mixed nursing home some two hundred meters from here, and a hundred from the church. I crush a couple of pain killers with a spoon and pour the powder in a glass which I fill with aqua frizzante. Somehow I prefer that. Could buy effervescent tablets but I'm too lazy these days to go the pharmacy (another town). And leaf by leaf my view to the church is restored to its winter-edition.

back and forth between nothings in a state of flesh with a name


Koldt. Jeg tager to par sokker på i stedet for at tænde for varmen. For dyrt. De elektriske radiatorer æder for meget strøm og brændet er kommet endnu. Jeg opfanger sirenen fra en fjern ambulance. Jeg gætter på, at det er en ambulance; jeg kan ikke se vejen herfra ... eller nogen vej i det hele taget. Jeg antager, at den er til den blandede institution, der ligger et par hundrede meter herfra og hundrede meter fra kirken. Jeg knuser et par Kodimagnyl med en ske og hælder pulveret i et glas, som jeg igen fylder med aqua frizzante. Af en eller anden grund er det sådan, jeg foretrækker det. Kunne købe brusetabletter, men gider ikke tage til apoteket (en anden by). Blad efter blad bliver min udsigt til kirken ført tilbage til sin vinterudgave.

frem og tilbage mellem intetheder i en tilstand af kød med et navn

Catching up ... or what I've been doing these last days

(rekindling the man in the jar. copyright J. S. H. Bjerg 2011)


first haibun ever

Catching up or catching a cold

Me and steadiness, how much more incompatible can it get. I know that – and those who know me know that. Always on the way to something new to explore even if it seems only a microscopic move within a box they don't understand anyway. I could call it versatility to make it sound better – and I do. So this is how it is: just before sleep, which I don't seem to get much of these days anyway, an idea pops up, one I should act upon. Or I could think: “If the idea is good enough it'll be there in the morning as well”. Ha! I get up in the middle of the night and start “acting”. As long as it's winter I don't feel possessed because I can get to bed again before sunrise. In summer sunrise is upon me – well, us – before I actually got to bed. Sunrise is the worst when I'm sleepless.

dry skin the quantum field still not harvested

Some belated 3ournals from October - undated

For the first time an Oxford crime story in winter. A set of dictionaries on sale with pages actually sticking. I find ”brusque”.


Flu vaccination at the retirement home – I feel young-ish. The cat and his sister visits, she is ho shy, he's not. Bitterly cold.


A day of things dropping, but the sun remains in place. Cat wants attention and tries to climb me like a tree. All these subs!!!


”A full breakfast or a continental?” the language of the Empire dies only slowly. Cat falls asleep on it't back. I'm immobilized.


Scrubbing the firewood covers - spider's nests all over. The cats are having a grand time. Luckily the sun seems inexhaustible.


“U” - fall is my season for Incredible String Band. 1 moving-box of firewood left – I'm partly of Viking breed (brrr). Sun is o.k.


1. Dalziel & Pascoe form the time the world came in 4:3. Händel's Partenope, well, only act 1. Came upon a theme for Prune Juice.


There's def a diff between haiku & poetry! The next one with ”dreamer” in their bio gets blocked. I'm pissed off w/o knowing y


Another ”can't wake up properly” day. Listening to the radio I'm bored w the lack of sincerity in the ”new” music. Repetitions galore.

Monday, 10 October 2011


October 9, 2011

Pink Floyd in Pompei before they got predictable. 2 pair of socks under a gray sky. I'm a thing water runs through daily.


Jug band blues - it costs to be visionary. An orchid drops yet a flower by a handcoloured photo of mum as young. It's still Sunday.


Half the nation enjoy reducing their brain-scope to the reptil area by drink & dope. Men make money by running their heads into walls. Future is doubleplusgood.

October 7, 2011

Sneezing at last – what a strange thing to feel relief by. Sister got a job and my niece passed an exam. Every tree is shaking.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


October 1, 2011

Warmest October day in a 130 years. Man U lost momentum, as they say. A new hoover tube, so no more excuses.

October 2, 2011

I guess something is happening, but it's off my radar. The sky is hidden by something semi-transparent. I'm an arm-coffee automation.

October 3, 2011

A sudden urge for pop-corn, but the house will stink all night. This fall is a New Order / Joy Division kind of fall. I'm still vertical.

October 4, 2011

”Lights out” I yell to the sky – always wanted to do that – but only the North Star listens – sort of. No corners in my soup.


The toad of hell is paved with good intestines. In my sleep I talk about not sleeping – I hear. After that I count everything twice.