Monday, 7 November 2011

Tricking the donkey - haibun

This supposedly had to happen. I pulled out some plugs and started revising haiku from the past seven months. What a triumph for the over-ego, the ego that says: get serious, constructive, ordered and whatever label it uses to get me doing something like this, which is largely against my go-with-the-flow-of-intuition nature. But I started it so I will have to go through with it. Though, I tricked myself into taking it one part at a time. It's only the folder named “gendai haiku” I'm revising. Otherwise I couldn't drag myself into this project. I take a break, dance a little to a song on the radio by The Raveonettes and open a couple of windows to get in some O2.

November dusk
at some point this mirror
was emptied

I step out on the landing to check the feel of the weather – or what you would call this second week stand-still of mist and no wind or sun. On my left the sound of a flock of rooks probably “rooking” around the church tower, on my right the juvenile remarks of sanitation people working. Always something to do at the inn. I can still blow smoke rings.

lighting a candle by a dying flame I'm told it's a full moon

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