Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sssshh - a haibun

my ears get full … and my eyes. a sensation that's obviously a mere image of a filled mind. that there compartment that deals with input. like when you're at a dinner where everyone talk and blabber and yak-yak on and on and you find you cannot take any of it in because you're full already. the attention weakens and goes into protective hibernation and you sit looking at details. how a hand moves and the question arises: can a hand tell something about its ”wearer”? of course you can tell whether he or she does manual work. it's not that, it's kinda phrenology but for hands instead of heads 'n' faces. can you? i'm pretty sure I can tell something about how much presence in their own being people have by seeing how they use their hands when they're not thinking. some people seem to not fill out their fingers to the tips … then I notice the way a pair of breasts bulge behind fabric and … some fingers seem to suggest a slender agile person but i often see a face filled with childish sulking – and bulging with detest. then i come back to the conversation ...

hush little world
night is still

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