Monday, 15 October 2012

some fragments

my eyes are bound (or dogs)

takes it off slowly and becomes | I cough

revolving again the blood pressure controller app

not long after the ocean who could have known

this is the fun thing there's still something beneath beneath

a matter of darkness I live in one place and dream of pastry

my father was a boy when he was younger he cast shadows when the sun was out

why mention dead things' aggressiveness? I'm a lake

it's Monday and I'm expelled from the room of pleasant separateness

a stick-on kigo and everything's o.k.

soup powder and a nightmare about cherry trees what can a bloke do

headache today I'm not that ball of yarn



  1. I like the one about your father very much.
    I think you can shorten it to:
    when my father was a boy he cast shadows when the sun was out
    For some reason there's a tremendous emotional charge hidden in there.

  2. Freddy Ben-Arroyo15 October 2012 at 17:27

    Johannes the poet
    and Johannes the architect
    are ONE

    and also Johannes
    the haiga Master-
    so honored to be your friend

    but what can I do about those headaches?