Friday, 2 November 2012

haibun - I want the guitar you'll smash anyway

Man, I hate seeing music videos where they trash good guitars. I mean, in stead of taking them into the ocean, throwing them out houses, smashing them with cars, saws and trains (or whatever) they could give them to me!!! I could easily use one or two of them. I'm a poor man and can't afford to buy a good axe. What does it add to your image to molest (yes, molest) perfectly good gear. Jimi did it live as Pete Townsend and other. It made sense artistically then when rock actually meant something. Now “rock” on tv is like a dress pretentious men and women take on. “Let's play rock-stars and smash up some good gear. Then we'll go to the gym with our economic advisers.” It's pathetic. I want one of those guitars!!! (with amps and pedals, of course).

gray in gray (and some green) the asphalt tells what is “down”

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