Friday, 2 November 2012


You probably know it: you see a stranger with a walk, a body language, a way of moving his body around that instantly echoes with you. You've known someone with exactly that gait. I had an encounter like that. I remembered an organist student called John whom I knew looslely some 30 years ago. Maybe "knew" is a misleading word. I knew pf him. He hung around - or sort of stalked - my the girlfriend's friend and he was always walking the streets of my city. Like I did then. I only talked to him a few times but he was the one that first mentioned the name Buxtehude to me and how Johann Sebastian Bach had walked a very long way to hear him play the organ. He was considered a master of that instrument. Still is. John was a short, weird and intelligent when it came to knowledge of strange things but deaf dumb and blind when it came to people. I guess we were some kind of objects like furniture - responding, but still furniture. - to him. But he could play with hands and feet at the same time. I hope he still can.

this November too
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