Thursday, 30 January 2014

New book: Noah's Eggs / Ny bog: Noahs æg

Yet To Be Named Free Press has published my second book of parallels "Noah's Eggs / Noahs æg"

Yet To Named Free Press har udgivet min anden bog med paralleller "Noah's Egg / Noahs æg"

You can find it here

It's on Amazon too

"Like the two hemispheres of our brains that collaborate to shape and define our reality, so it is with Johannes S.H. Bjerg's "Noahs eggs", a book of parallel haiku- two haiku positioned on a page together that, when read tends to create a third sense or dimension in relation to the two haiku. Bjerg pushes the envelope juxtaposing his well crafted and profoundly meaningful haiku images."

Amos White

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